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2011-12-23 10:08 am

fiction: Survivor (Seishirou/Subaru)

Seishirou/Subaru | pg | ~ 1,000 wc | spoilers Tokyo Babylon / X
Subaru is alive. The world is bleak.

It's lonely to be all by oneself. )
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2011-04-07 09:35 am

fiction: To Bear His Brother's Cross (Dean/Sam)

Supernatural | Dean/Sam | r | ~ 43,900 wc | spoilers up to and including 4.14 (Sex And Violence)
It doesn't matter if they know it or not, some things are bound to happen. Not pre-destined by a higher being or because of some kind of fate, but they are inevitable because of the way the human heart beats.

He knows if he thought about it, he would know the exact moment Dean stopped turning on his music, stopped commenting on Sam's behavior, stopped showing any emotion. Sam presses his lips tightly together and drives. )